I am sitting outdoors on a summer, starry night by myself at my mother’s house. 

 I will soon become a mom for a second time. 

My older son and my mom are sleeping, and my husband is enjoying a few quiet moments.

I am thinking, what can I do now to be happy? 

  1. Watch a movie? 
  2. Go to sleep? 
  3. Read? 

I know! I will sit on my chair and gaze at the stars. I am going to enjoy the cool air and relax while doing nothing.

If I feel the need to do anything, I am going to do something I love. Something active and creative. Being alone and in such an ideal environment is a rare chance for me.


(Undefined Noises)

Ahhhh! I got scared once

It was nothing. 

Then, again a different sound. 

I was scared again. 

I leave my spot and go next to my husband. 

I am not scared anymore. 

It is funny. I say I want to be alone in a remote place. A little moment passes, and something makes me feel terrified.

And I automatically run into my husband’s arms like a baby. 

Maybe I am not as independent as I want to be. Or strong. 

Maybe I don’t need such a quiet environment in nature. 

Or maybe I will read my book on my bed. Much safer sure.

But, now I remember the last time we came here. 

I was in bed, and a bat came inside through the window. 

So even the bed is not a safe choice. 

I will stay here, next to him. 

He is strong. He is smart. 

He was the one who ran to help me when I saw the bat.

I am starting to think about what attracts me to him. 

In such strange times, my gratitude flourishes. 

I am the luckiest woman to have him in my life. 

So do I need to notice a mouse or a cockroach on my way to turn on my gratitude?