In September, I always feel this is the beginning of the year and the best time for new beginnings. I do new things and try to find the best next step. So, I started writing down inspirational quotes to motivate myself and to describe the feeling/ task of each week. I thought a good idea would be to decorate them in the living room. I see them and feel stronger. If you try it yourself, they’ll encourage you to make your new start. With your inspirational quotes and beginnings 🙂


1. Which is the quote that best describes your current situation?

2. Paint it and decorate these words.

3. Put it in a place where you can see it.

4. Write down the date, so it will be like keeping a journal.


The subject this time is organizing. Organizing is the first stage before acting. I think it is good to gather facts and then start to make the first moves. So:

  • Organizing is a creative job.
  • Organizing saves you time for creating, exploring, and connecting.
  • After done, organizing allows you to focus on the crucial tasks.
  • Organizing can be a joyful task like playing or working on a serious project or concentrating using your mind losing time contact.

And it is also a little bit funny. The wise zebra is speaking, not me 🙂

Note: My mentor in organizing is Mary Kondo. Here are her books that changed my life forever.

The life-changing magic of tidying up

Spark joy