Today I would like to tell you something I was thinking. It is not a new thought, but now and then, it makes its appearance. 

I love to show my friends and family my love. 

And I must admit that when I was a creative and innocent child, I might have expressed it in more cute ways. 

So why not try to find this kid again that could make other people feel loved and smile? 

What do I mean? 

I would paint and write small poems or a note to my friends and family. 

It could go with a present for birthdays, or it could be a spontaneous action on an ordinary day.  

Of course, I received such cards, poems, and paintings myself, too. They were my favorites. I never throw them away when I declutter. I may not keep a present forever, but the card or a photo stays forever in my heart and drawer. 

I know I am not alone. Most people love to create such notes as well as receive them.

And why not try it again? For fun and not only. 

I have noticed that it strengthens my relationships and awakens some creative parts of myself.

It is also a reminder that I appreciate my friends, and they brighten my days.

So I will start again from today.

I will give you some examples I have in mind. 

  1. Letters in the mailbox. 
  2. Surprise, love notes. 
  3. Quotes and words to decorate my place with love.
  4. Kind words, images, or SMS for family and friends. They show how my friends matter to me.
  5. Create silly songs and crafts together with friends and family.

And I know that if I make a start, the others will feel comfortable following.