Today we are talking about the truth. Does the truth exist? Is it objective? How can I recognize it?

Each person perceives the same fact differently. So, telling the truth becomes impossible. But there must be some way to see it. Sometimes I want it so much.

Over time, I take an approach that has to do with the individual.

Thus, I realize I can see only a part of the image. Yet, I must see it with a clear mind, body, and soul.

I usually search for the truth in things that I find moving.  But, in general, everything is worth being seen this way. (In other words, I am open to them. Plus, I do not put obstacles).

On the other hand, I might choose not to see the things that I find insignificant. It is better to ignore them than to experience them incompletely. I will create wrong conclusions and unpleasant thoughts that will torment me. I will stress myself and the people around me for no reason.

Now, let’s talk about it in reverse. Sometimes I search for the truth, but I cannot find it. It is like I am in the dark. (I want to know about a future moment).

In this case, I must find some light. A small ray of light is enough for a start. Yet, I cannot have a clear image of the place.

All I have to do now is build the image from scratch. A picture that did not exist before. The impressive thing is that this image will become real. I know it because I have made it myself. So it would be better to be an experience I will love.

It does not matter if the image is visible to others. Those who wish can see it, anyway.

I also feel confident because I see now. And I know now that I can find my truth even in the dark.

Is the above text clear or unclear? Does it look true or false? (Chuckles).