I love dreaming. My dreams take me on a journey and teach me things. I usually do not feel like a fascinating person, but my unconscious tells me now and then that my need for adventure exists. Yet, I may suppress it or ignore it.

I will describe and explain one dream to make you understand. I once dreamed of a place I know very well. A place I keep in my heart. It is the old harbor of Chania. It is Venetian and full of life with coffee houses and restaurants. In my dream, this place was quieter than in reality.
I was with a friend who came there with me for the first time. I was excited that we were together on holiday in my hometown. It was a spring night. My friend asked me if people swam in the old harbor. I answered Nooo, but before I ended my answer, I turned my head and saw that she was in the water wearing her clothes. In a minute, I was swimming next to her among boats. We chatted and laughed a lot. And I thought to myself. Maybe she is right. I feel happy and comfortable. The water is clean. So I have to forget what I used to believe.

What do I want to say about this dream? That my friend in my dream was a part of me. It told me that I needed more fun. I do not have to be logical all the time. And that sometimes it is good to forget the things I have learned.

So I may conclude that dreams can be liberating when I use them as guides for a happy life.